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You will find my books at the Apple Bookstore using iTunes or iBook App on your Windows or Macintosh computer, iPhone or iPad. Type in the search box, any of the titles listed below. “GET” is Apple’s way of saying that it is FREE for you to download.

You are allowed to download the same book to all your computers iPhones or iPads registered to your iTunes/iBooks account for no additional charge. In addition, each time I update a book, your book will automatically receive the update at no additional charge. You will always have the most current version of the iBook. IBooks never wear out and never disappear. AND, they will never occupy more space then your electronic device occupies no matter how many books you download.

1st Generation 3G AT&T/Verizon 64GB Cellular iPads, with built in GPS receivers, sell on eBay for $49 today. I have tested my iBooks on this model iPad up to the newest iPad Pro and the books work great on all models. $49 is pretty inexpensive for full blown GPS navigation and the ability to store hundreds of books on, when you travel. 

The cellular data subscription from AT&T or Verizon can be turned on and off on a month to month basis.  Or if you choose not to turn cellular on, the GPS works just fine without it. You can access the internet through any WiFi zones found in the millions of locations around the world without ever paying for cellular data. Be sure to get the cellular version of the iPad. Non-cellular versions DO NOT have built in GPS.

Refer to the iPad page for more information on how I use it for prospecting.
For an sample of what an iBook looks like on your computer or iPad - Click Here.

iBooks Currently Available 
I am converting my hard copy books to digital format. It takes an average of 60 hours to do each book. I have started with the most popular books and work to the least popular. NorthCentral is FREE to download and use now while I work on the others. If you want a particular book, sooner then later, please email me and I will turn my attention to making that book available ahead of the others.

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