The Gold Miners Guide To Easy Pickens In Alaska, 2015 Edition is the perfect book for the person that is planning a trip to Alaska for the purpose of panning, metal detecting, suction dredging, etc. for gold but does not want to waste time locating a place to work. This book is a compilation of information contained in the Anchorage, Talkeetna, EastCentral, Fairbanks and NorthEast books but limited to only those areas designated as "closed to mineral entry". "Closed to mineral entry" means that mineral claims are not allowed so you don't have to worry about accidentally working on some ones claim.  The book contains 150 (8 1/2" x 11") pages of information on 155 gold bearing streams including average yields per cubic yard, fineness of gold, location of samples taken and best access. U.S.G.S maps for each location are provided. ISBN 1-892279-25-8. Retail Price: $39.95. This book can be purchased directly from me using PayPal or Apple Pay. Shipping is FREE.

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