Gold Placer Deposits In SouthWest Alaska, 2011 Edition (36 new locations added) contains an inventory of gold placer mines, propsects and deposits located within the Afognak, Goodnews Bay, Hagemeister Island, Iliamna, Karluk, Kodiak, Lake Clark, Mt. Katmai, Naknek, Port Moller, Taylor Mt., Trinity Island, Ugashik and Unalaska Quadrangles. It contains 148 (8 1/2" x 11") pages of information on 121 gold bearing streams including average yields per cubic yard, fineness of gold, location of samples taken and best access. U.S.G.S maps for each location are provided. In addition, this book contains all of the information in Geological Survey Bulletin 1374, Placer Deposits of Alaska by Edward H. Cobb which is relevant to the mining districts in this book. There is absolutely no other book available that contains the wealth of detailed information on the subject of gold placer deposits in the SouthWest Alaska area. ISBN 0-9645366-9-2. Retail Price: $34.95. This book can be purchased directly from me using PayPal or Apple Pay. Shipping is FREE.

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