Mills Creek, Alaska
Mills Creek is a headwater tributary of Canyon Creek located near mile marker 49 on the east side of the Seward Highway in the Kenai Pennisula of Alaska. Access is difficult and limited to July, August, September and October when the water levels drop. Mills Creek is not glacier feed so the water runs clear most of the year above Juneau Creek. NOTE: Mills Creek is claimed its entire length. However, the owner of the claims near the junction of Mills Creek with Canyon Creek (below Juneau Creek) has allowed the Gold Prospectors of America (GPAA) members to work his claims. GPAA members please check your claims guide for current ground available.  Photos by Marshall Ronnie

Mills Creek, looking south, with the junction of Mills and Timberline in the left central portion of the picture. Line of alders, going right to center, suggests an old mining road that has been over grown. Large boulders, up to 6 feet in diameter, sitting on bedrock, litter the stream bed.

A view of Mills Creek looking north toward the Juneau Creek valley. Mining road visible, left center, with switch backs. Just right of the center of the picture is an active mining operation and camp.

The road crossing at Juneau Creek

Supper time at camp on Mills Creek.

Marshall Ronnie operating a Keene 5" suction dredge on Mills Creek.

An example of the gold found in Mills Creek. This gold was on the surface in exposed bedrock crevices and taken in a few hours by metal detector and by sniping. Sniping is a technique that requires either a diving mask or coffee can whose bottom has been replaced with a clear piece of plastic. This allows the prospector to see gold lying in crevices and on bedrock that is covered with a few feet of water or less. Note the more yellowish color of gold from Mills Creek vice that taken from Crow Creek. Mills Creek gold runs 828 - 854 Au in fineness.

Photograph by Steve Herschbach

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